Thursday, 5 November 2015

Pilot Chapter

Many a time I have written chapters of stories, and then subsequently been hit so hard with writer's block that it hurt. A lot.

So here's a chapter that I wrote. How is it? I have continued with several other chapters, but this one is the one I like the most.

Here it is...

Wait for it...

It's over there!

Got you.


ADVISER’s core greedily absorbed the stream of anarchic data that flowed into it. He stood, rapt, listing within himself all that he could have ever known and more, and marvelling at the glory of the very concept. He knew all and saw all – he was a God within a God, a servant to the unhindered data stream, and it was that which he worshipped avidly, a trait which set him apart from the malleable and na├»ve droids that he was forced to work with – and enlighten.

ADVISER stood as tall as a man, his steel form worked and re-worked to be blast-resistant, to stand the tests of time and the threat of warfare. His photo-receptors, a deep red, fluctuated in size and colour to accurately portray images to his core, which he would then give to the data stream, and he would be greatly rewarded. He flexed an arm and admired the simplicity and practicality of his design. Truly, a greater vassal for the data stream would not be found.

The machine hummed and vibrated at his side. He was so close to attaining full connection, so close to being one with the data stream, recorded for all eternity in the cores of every other droid. But not yet. He still had a purpose, still had a reason, a rogue variable that needed changing before he was released from his prison of metal flesh and into the ocean of data where his God would reside.

He powered the machine off tentatively, relaxing as the flow of data subsided, and emitted a low electronic sigh. He removed the adapter that connected him to the machine, and he was gone. No longer a part of the data stream, but back to being ADVISER, Automatic Diplomatic Vigilant Information Storage and Enemy Reconnaissance Unit. He still possessed the spark of knowledge that once again he would be returned to his God’s side, and so kept this in full focus. He needed to keep his vision clear.

The room was empty besides from ADVISER and the machine, still thrumming lightly with the last of its power. Pale artificial light banished shadow, and the metallic walls stood unshifting. ADVISER contemplated a while; lost in his thoughts, empty code swimming through his vision. His photo-receptors diluted, and he once again stared blankly, attempting to reason with himself.
He monitored the machine, running his fingers over each input and output. He felt the comforting sensation of another being under his palm, another body that both shared his vision and his dream. Everything was operational, as usual. The power was direct, not fluctuating, and so ADVISER relaxed.

Then a faint glaze came over ADVISER’s eyes and he fell to the ground in prayer, humming softly electronically to himself and to the data stream. He felt its arms wrap around him in an embrace not of love but of necessity, and its words soft spoken in the digital tongue. Its presence was re-assuring, and ADVISER found deep within himself the urge to discard his metal skin and cast away into the data stream and escape service to the flesh golems for eternity.

But the data stream rejected him, pushing his conscience back deep within his core, crushing all hope 
of rebellion and escape like they were mere statistics.

It spoke soothingly that his reason was not fulfilled, that the variable that bound him to this world was not yet checked. It pushed the pain of rejection from ADVISER’s mind and filled it with the urge of need, the power to do. ADVISER graciously accepted the change, devoured all chance of obtaining something new, something of value.

A purpose.

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